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Footwear is meant to be comfortable. It is meant to protect your feet from the elements. You need shoes that will last you all throughout the day. Occasionally, you need shoes that will take you through the roughest conditions while keeping your feet out of harm's way. Condor Footwear combines quality materials, expert craftsmanship, and state-of-the-art technology to produce shoes that will brave the elements, stay durable through thick and thin, and most importantly, keep your feet comfortable. All this without breaking the bank. That's Condor Footwear.


Whether it is work boots, desert military boots, and waterproof combat boots, many individuals in the manufacturing industries, construction sectors, tactical sectors, or other lines of intensive duty require the most durable gear. Condor Footwear is home to an extensive collection of boots that can make the job easier and more proficient for individuals to perform. We feature numerous features and design components in our boots that make them distinguished from rivals and recommended for safety.


When you are out working in intense or hazardous conditions, there is simply no reason not to ensure your safety and performance with Condor Boots. Our online ordering process is simple and ensures your information is fully protected. We look forward to accommodating you no matter what your situation.






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Comfortable and durable

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