Black Combat Boots

Condor Footwear excels at making quality black combat boots that stand the test of time. Our shoes have walked the earth and performed through many trials. Experience a tempered toughness that few imitators can match or even hope to come close to. You and your squadron deserve the very best when it comes to your feet. Those of us who’ve been in wartime know the importance of having good footwear. It can mean the difference between a win and a loss. This isn’t a crapshoot. Our black combat boots are made of 100% genuine leather and feature side knife pockets. We’ll make sure that you’re always armed and never caught with your guard down.

Master the elements. Condor Footwear has designed a scientifically sound shoe utilizing AM-TECH Sole Technology®. This technology is only achieved by 1% of the footwear industry. The main reason behind this is because it’s an incredibly difficult way to engineer the outsole of a boot. It’s a more sophisticated method that doesn’t involve glue. Glued midsoles and outsoles will often break apart or separate after moderate usage and adverse conditions. Our boots are bonded together by direct injection. Sophisticated tooling establishes a completely seamless bond without the use of glue. Our method is guaranteed to never separate.

Traverse rocky and loose terrain. Gain valuable traction and an edge on opposing forces. Condor Footwear will always be with you in the trenches. Choose Condor and never spend a second thought on whether or not your footwear can stand up to the tasks ahead of you.

Invest your resources into the intelligent design of Condor Footwear black combat boots. Arm yourself with lasting protection. Condor is an irreplaceable ally in the most trying times. In a world of variables, we can offer you a predictable constant. Your feet and your squadron will always be taken care of when you fly with Condor Footwear.