Brown Combat Boots

Condor Footwear employs intelligent design and durable materials which come together to make quality brown combat boots of the highest order. Blend in with the terrain. Maintain low visibility. We make our shoes for the serviceman who treks miles every day while carrying a cumbersome ruck sack. Traverse uneven and fickle terrain with our combat boots and tactical footwear.

We understand that your feet experience more abuse and wear and tear than any other part of your body. We invite you to try our brown combat boots, to put them through the gauntlet. We are confident that you will be satisfied with your investment in us. In the field, on questionable ground, make Condor Footwear your chosen ally. We’ll back you up and support you. We offer mid and high top varieties whether you prefer more mobility or uncompromising support for your ankles.

Gain traction with Condor Footwear. You’ll never be unsure of your footing again. Whether you’re hiking up a steep grade or sneaking up stealthily to your target location, your Condor Footwear can enhance your abilities in ways you won’t know until you start using our combat boots. Fit your feet with boots that minimize friction and maximize mobility. You’ll enjoy breaking in your brown combat boots. Once you do, they’ll fit like a glove.

Blisters are the last thing you want on your feet on a five day campaign or a 12-miler. Each step becomes a drudgery and it can take days or weeks to heal. Nobody is going to want to hear you complain. Condor Footwear manufactures boots that bond to your feet, making them snug and secure during every lunge, every motion.

Condor Footwear is committed to crafting top notch brown combat boots and tactical footwear that will last you a lifetime. Try us on for the first time and start a lifelong companionship today.