Coyote Brown Tactical Boots

Condor Footwear features a variety of options for your combat boot and tactical boot needs. We offer multiple colors and shades that will help you blend in with your surrounding terrain, no matter the variation. Keep a low profile without compromising quality or comfort with our coyote brown tactical boots.

Now is not the time to be flashy and shiny. Now is the time to be discreet and functional. We offer boots that decrease your visibility. Maintain a low profile in a world where color is always key. Put the best footwear in your arsenal and gain advantage on your opposition. When you purchase tactical boots from Condor Footwear, you’re making an investment in your future. You’re making a choice for maximum comfort and functionality.

Our coyote brown tactical boots come with all the same features of our quality combat boot options, features our customers and clients have come to know and depend on. 100% genuine nubuck leather with a removable polyurethane insole gives you enhanced comfort and durability. When experiencing adverse weather, take comfort in the fact that we fortify all of our combat boots with Condor Footwear’s patented Aquashield® waterproofing technology. Keep your feet insulated from exterior wetness while also ventilated to minimize sweat and interior moisture that occurs naturally. Experience a combat shoe that functions like a well-oiled machine!

Condor Footwear achieves maximum comfort while also being one of the most durable shoes on the market. Our shoes will get you through the day, through the months and through the years. Traverse the roughest terrains imaginable while being totally secure and protected. Top notch quality materials, up-to-the-minute technology and loving craftsmanship come together all in one combat boot with Condor Footwear. Get the most out of a combat boot without decimating your bank account. Try Condor Footwear on your next skirmish.