Desert Military Boots

Condor Footwear Desert Military Boots have the ability to withstand the severe conditions a desert can demand. With these boots the achievement of sustainability in the desert is easily obtainable. The Knit Fabric Lining allows for impenetrability of sand, a large benefit to selecting any boot from this category. With importance focused on high comfort levels, adaptability to tactical conditions, and the unbreakable sole technology, these boots will last in the harsh deserts around the world.

While maneuvering through the desert, there is a chance you will encounter rocky soil, thorns, and other hazards that will bring damage to your feet. Traveling long distances over the desert by foot simply creates taxing results. If you are planning a desert hike and preparing to spend on the most adaptable gear, provide special attention to boots. The high tops of desert-ready hiking boots provide additional support to your ankles, especially when walking over rocks. In addition, they prevent slipping or slider, but are durable enough to not wear down as fast as hiking shoes.