Lightweight Work Boot

Do you need a lightweight work boot that delivers heavy-duty toughness? Condor Footwear makes durable work boots that won’t bog you down on the job site. It doesn’t matter if you’re in construction, manufacturing, engineering, fabrication, and any other job that requires mental and physical toughness, Condor Footwear makes work boots with the goods to help you survive and thrive in any condition.

We use only the finest, premium materials to make our lightweight work boots. 100% genuine full grain or nubuck leather is the main material our boots are crafted from. This gives you a durable and solid foundation to stand on. We use these premium materials to achieve a higher quality lightweight work boot at no extra cost to you.

Don’t just survive in the work force. Condor Footwear makes high quality, durable work, tactic, combat, and lightweight work boots that will give you firm footing, no matter the ground you stand on. Our boots will help you thrive in any condition, on any job site.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in construction, engineering, manufacturing, shipping and receiving, or any other job in an industrial or high-risk setting, Condor Footwear makes shoes and lightweight work boots you can count on.

We use patented technology like Aquashield® Waterproof and Am-Tech Sole Technology® to give you a lightweight work boot that can keep your feet warm and dry. You’ll never have to worry about structural damage because the technology used to bond our shoes and soles is guaranteed never to separate.

Condor Footwear is constantly coming up with ways to make our shoes, work boots and tactical boots perform better than they already do. We seek out only the finest materials to make our lightweight work boots without having to increase our price points. We use first rate materials to make our work boots at no extra cost to you. Contact Condor Footwear today or browse our extensive selection of work boots, tactical boots and combat boots.