Men's Combat Boots

When you put your trust in Condor Footwear, you’re joining the ranks of countless individuals who require more out of their men’s combat boots. Storm beach heads with Aquashield® technology patented by Condor. Endure and excel on steep grades, difficult terrain and level land. Feel the support and durability that 100% genuine full grain cow leather offers.

We never cut corners when we craft our men’s combat boots. Give your team protection and flexibility in the field. When it comes to your gear and equipment, Condor will help make sure that combat boots and footing are the least of your worries. Condor Footwear constructs our shoes from the finest materials, from heel to toe, from the soling to the top lace. You can count on your combat and tactical boots lasting you years, no matter the trials you take them through.

Our shoes are innovatively bonded, using AM-TECH Sole Technology®. This method forms a seamless bond without the use of unreliable glue. Our boots also feature YKK zippers, which is the industry-leading gold standard. These zippers are the most durable on the market. You’ll never have to worry about functionality. Your zippers will never get stuck, so you can free your mind up to consider more important aspects of your training or mission.

Each pair of men’s combat boots is a promise that we make to the soldier, police force, and adventurer. In times of war and in times of peace, Condor Footwear promises to stand the test of time. We promise to provide our customers with consistently reliable combat and tactical boots. Choose from a wide variety of colors, from black to coyote brown. Choose a variety of styles, from mid to high top, depending on how much ankle support or mobility you desire.

From coast to coast, from mountain to desert, from stormy beach to homeland, Condor Footwear is at your command.