Police Tactical Boots

Condor Footwear provides specialized tactical footwear for a variety of platforms. Condor Footwear fashions our police tactical boots from the finest materials and price them to fit a tight budget. But just because we offer them at a low price doesn’t mean they’re cheaply made. We pair quality leather with master craftsmanship. We pride ourselves in providing law enforcement with reliable footwear, giving them the tools they need to serve their communities.

Keep the streets safe while wearing Condor Footwear tactical boots. We offer color options of black, wheat and coyote brown. Our boots are built to last and built for comfort. We utilize AM-TECH® Direct Soling Technology, which forms an inseparable bond between the upper and outer sole of the boot without the use of glue. Buy Condor tactical boots and never give them a second thought. Our shoes are intelligently designed to fit your rugged lifestyle without succumbing to the elements.

Our tactical boots provide sturdy dependability no matter the scenario. We build boots that you can count on in a world that is anything but predictable. We know you might not know what you’re going to run into out in the world today. Anything is possible and nothing is certain. But one thing that you can bet on is that your Condor police tactical boots are going to give you an advantage in the field and never let you down. Our boots are going to give you traction, support and comfort in the heat of combat.

We know you experience human frailty every day. It must weigh on your mind and your heart. That’s why Condor Footwear makes boots that are built to last, built to perform with integrity. Clean up the streets in your Condors. Chase down whatever plagues your community with purpose and efficiency. Condor Footwear is always ready to run with you.