Safety Boots

When you’re up and moving, your feet are the foundation of your work day. If you have a job where you are on the go, where you are in constant movement and working in questionable, or even unstable work environments, Condor Footwear has the tactical boots, work boots, and safety boots that you need to get the job done and return home safe. Tough jobs require tough personnel, and tough personnel choose Condor Footwear to protect their mobility and their livelihood.

All it takes is one injury to take you out of the game, which can disrupt your life in ways that you will only know if that unfortunate event were to happen. Ask any infantryman, like the tires on your car, there is so much riding on your feet. Condor Footwear safety boots will give you the traction you need to traverse any obstacle, yet the comfort and support you need to feel safe, secure, and effective in your line of work.

Construction sites are some of the most dangerous places to call your place of employment. Injuries happen all the time. Just like you wouldn’t enter a construction site with a hard hat, you should enter a construction site without your Condors.

First Rate Craftsmanship

Condor Footwear makes safety boots that are built to last. We use 100% genuine full grain or nubuck leather while crafting our safety boots. We incorporate only premium materials in the engineering of our boots at no extra charge to you. Condor Footwear sets itself apart by making safety boots that last longer than those our competitors make, while also charging the lowest prices.

We’ll admit that it’s a good idea to spend a little bit more money on your work boots and safety boots simply out of principle. But when you choose Condor Footwear, you can get the best quality work boot money can buy, without having to pay a higher price.

Browse our extensive inventory of work boots, tactical boots, and safety boots today. Condor Footwear is the difference between a successful campaign and a campaign that gets stuck in the mud. Our safety boots will send you into work mode the moment you put them on.