Steel Toe Work Boots

Condor Footwear believes in making tactical boots that can stand the test of time. Our footwear protects your feet from the elements, no matter what your extreme lifestyle calls for. Our boots are meant to be worn in the field and in the work force by people who require a little bit more durability and functionality from their work and tactical boots. We’ve just unveiled our steel toe work boot what can protect your feet in any situation.

Innovative Technology, Remarkable Craftsmanship

We pride on making shoes that help you stand on the frontlines. Whether you’re working in construction, manufacturing, fabrication, whether you’re a serviceman (or woman), whether you’re a public servant upholding the law in your community, Condor Footwear makes shoes that will help you rise to whatever occasion your vocation puts in front of you.

Boots Built to Weather the Elements

Condor steel toe work boots are durable and can protect your feet on any job site. When you work in manufacturing, construction, fabrication, and a multitude of other “hands-on” professions where men and women have to work in intense conditions and less-than-safe work environments. All it takes is one injury on the job to take you out of commission. One injury to your foot could change your life forever. That’s why, when choosing your footwear, it’s important to look at the big picture.

Boots That Keep You Safe

You really never know what can happen out there. When you are forced to navigate conditions and environments that are less than ideal, Condor Footwear provides the shoes, tactical boots and steel toe work boots that will help you gain and secure a proper foothold. Condor Footwear makes steel toe work boots will provide sturdy, comfortable support complete with insulation and ventilation to keep your feet pristine at all times, no matter what shaky ground you’re about to walk on.

Contact Condor Footwear today. Browse our extensive inventory of tactical boots and steel toe work boots today. If your job asks a little bit more of you than the average job, then you should be able to ask a little bit more out of your footwear.